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Short History of Christian Missions From Abraham and Paul to Carey, 8th edn, Livingstone, and Duff.
George Smith [1856-1942]

Edinburgh: T & T Clark, n.d. Hbk. pp.252.

This book is in the Public Domain

George Smith [1856-1942], Short History of Christian Missions From Abraham and Paul to Carey



Part 1: Jadaic Preparation, B.C. 2000 to A.D. 70

1. The Missionary Covenant - Foundation of the City of God in History

2. Judaism the First Missionary Religion

3. Christ the King of the Missionary Host - the Missionary Charge

4. The Holy Spirit the Leader of the Missionary Host

Part 2 - Latin Preparation, A.D. 70 to 1792

5. The Roman Empire Subdued by the City of God

6. The Conversion of the Scots and English

7. The Conversion of the Goths and Franks

8. The Conversion of the Teutons and Northmen

9. Mission to Slavs, Mohammedans, and Jews

10. The Reformation Only Indirectly Missionary

11. The Dawn of Modern Missions - The Danish-Halle and Moravian Missions

12. The Dawn of Modern Missions - The English in North America and in India

13. The Missionary Compromise of the Latin Church with Heathenism

Part 3 - Engloish-Speaking Universal Evangelization, 1792-1913

14. Foundation of English Missions - William Carey the First English Missionary to India, 1791-1834

15. The Great Missionary and Bible Societies, 1792

17. The Churches Become Missionary, 1830

18. Evangelical Missions and Mankind


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